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Pier Carlo Bontempi


Pier Carlo Bontempi is an Italian architect, born in 1954 in Fornovo Taro (PR). He studied architecture at the University of Florence. He has subsequently taught at the Architecture Faculty of Florence, the École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris, Syracuse University of New York in Florence, the Staatliche Akademie der Bildende Kunst in Stuttgart, and the Prince of Wales, Institute of Architecture in London. In Bruxelles in 2004, Archives d’Architecture Moderne (AAM) published Rêve d’Italie a book showing some of Pier Carlo Bontempi’s latest designs. The same editor published in 2008 “Piazza Nuova” concerning the realization of Place Toscane. In 2015 the editor Franco Maria Ricci Published “Pier Carlo Bontempi-Architettura e tradizione” on Bontempi’s work.


Mr Bontempi collaborates in his professional activity with Giuseppe Greci, Alex Olari, Fabio Paoletti, Fausto Battistel and Maria Cristina Cela. The office is located in Gaiano, on the hills near Parma. Studio Bontempi works on the new traditional architecture and architectural projects of restoration and rebuilding. It has also undertaken projects in town planning and feasibility studies. In 2015 opened the largest maze in the world, planned by Bontempi for Franco Maria Ricci.

Pier Carlo Bontempi’s work has been awarded with a number of prizes. He won the national competition for the recovery plan of blocks in the historic centre of Parma (1981-1987). In 1996, Mr Bontempi received the second award at the international Marsham Street Urban Design Competition in London. In 1998 he was awarded the Prix Européen de la Reconstruction de la Ville, Fondation Philippe Rotthier pour l’Architecture de Bruxelles.

In 2000 Mr Bontempi was the John Burgee Annual Lecturer at Notre Dame University, USA. In June 2001, Mr Bontempi received a Charter Award at the Congress for the New Urbanism’s annual conference (CNU IX, New York) and, most recently in 2002, he won the competition for the building of Place de Toscane in Val d’Europe under the direction of Euro Disney, Paris. Place de Toscane has since won the 2008 Palladio Award in Boston, USA. In 2014 he was the recipient of the annual Richard H. Driehaus Prize in Chicago (USA)

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Pier Carlo Bontempi
Architettura Civile & Disegno Urbano
Strada Nazionale 96
43044 Gaiano di Collecchio PR
Tel. +39 0521809900
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