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Lynn Wigginton


Lynn Wigginton was born in 1952 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and continues to live and work there. In 1974 she received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Mount Allison University, Sacville, New Brunswick. A small liberal arts university, Mount Allison nonetheless claims a number of prominent Canadian artists working in the realist tradition as its alumni, including Alex Colville and Christopher Pratt. Although trained as a print-maker, Ms Wigginton turned to painting shortly after her university graduation. Consequently, her paintings possess a linear quality reminiscent of a print and as she paints, she builds colour in layers to achieve subtleties of tone and colour temperature that add depth and luminosity to her work.


For over 30 years Ms Wigginton has worked as a professional artist, exhibiting her work in public and private galleries. She has found inspiration in the wealth of heritage architecture found throughout Atlantic Canada, particularly in her native city. In 1982 Saint John designated a 20 city block area asĀ  Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area, to encourage the type of renovations and new businesses that enhance contemporary city living in a richly traditional setting and to celebrate a resplendent nineteenth century architectural legacy. She has produced two posters that highlight features of this existent historical architecture in ‘Doors of Saint John’ (2007) and ‘Windows of Saint John’ (2012).

In 1995 Ms Wigginton and cultural historian Dr. Gregg Finley collaborated to produce an award-winning book, ‘On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Gothic Revival Churches of Victorian New Brunswick’. It includes 65 drawings and 58 paintings showing the evolution of ecclesiastical architecture throughout nineteenth century New Brunswick. The artwork for the book, curated by the University of New Brunswick Art Centre, toured extensively.

In 2009 Lynn Wigginton was commissioned to do a series of 12 panoramic paintings to accompany a major exhibit at the New Brunswick Museum entitled ‘Saint John: An Industrial City in Transition’. This involved working with researchers who had for ten years studied the economic, cultural and environmental factors that impacted a medium- sized industrial city as it transitioned to a post-industrial one. Each painting highlights unique viewpoints and perspectives that reflect the forces that spurred on this development.

Through her paintings and the reproductions of her work, Lynn Wigginton has made a sustained commitment to highlight and document elements of the remarkably rich architectural heritage found in New Brunswick. Her paintings encourage the viewer to see, what is often taken for granted, with new eyes and with a heightened appreciation. Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout Canada and the world.

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Lynn Wigginton
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