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Lucien Steil


Lucien Steil is a practitioner and academic born in Brazil in 1952. He came to Luxembourg at the age of five and later went to France where he studied architecture and urbanism in Paris and Vincennes, and obtained his degree in 1980.

From 1981 – 1983, Lucien Steil worked with Leon Krier and Maurice Culot in Brussels at the Archive d’Architecture Moderne. Lucien Steil has taught popular evening classes in Luxembourg and have been a visiting critic at universities from Europe and North America, including Oregon School of Design, Portland , University of Miami, University of Notre Dame, Rome , Polytechnic University of Puerto-Rico, San Juan, and Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Viseu, Portugal.


Lucien Steil opened his own practice in 1984 in Luxembourg. He undertook a number of various scale projects of architecture and urbanism in Luxembourg, Germany, England, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, United States etc., and formed a partnership with architect Colum Mulhern from 1988-1997 (Mulhern & Steil).

Lucien Steil’s work has been awarded with a number of prizes. In 1985 he won the First Prize of the Competition for City of Luxembourg Urbanist , in 1989 he was awarded with Colum Mulhern the First Prize of the “Place de l’Etoile” Luxembourg, Second Prize for the ”Quartier Millebach” and in 1990 an Honourable Mention in the European Competition for the “Reconstruction of the Rue de Laeken” Brussels.

From 1990 – 1994, Lucien Steil was the President of “Cercle Europeen pour la Propagation des Arts”, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting educational art programmes and organising popular summer programmes. He is one of the founding members of the “Foundation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingenierie” based in Luxembourg and from 1991 – 1994 acted as its first President. In 2001 he created and edited Katarxis, a web magazine dedicated to contemporary traditional architecture and urbanism.

Since 2005, Lucien Steil is the director of “Katarxis Urban Workshops” a charity which involves mathematician and architectural theorician Nikos Salingaros, as well as architect-urbanist Michael Mehaffy, and which endeavours to promote educational strategies in architecture and urbanism. Currently, Lucien Steil is an Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture. Together with Alireza Sagharchi, he is co-editor of The New Palladians: Modernity and Sustainability in the 21st Century. His own book The Architectural Capriccio: Memory, Fantasy, and Invention will be published in the UK by Ashgate Publishing Ltd in 2013.

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Lucien Steil
University of Notre Dame
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