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Fabio Paoletti


Fabio Paoletti is an Italian civil engineer who graduated at the University of Bologna. Principal of the firm “Studio Paoletti” from March 2001, Fabio is also Project Manager for “Pier Carlo Bontempi Architettura Civile & Disegno Urbano”. Fabio has been a student and teaching assistant at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture Summer Schools in 1993 and 1995, and he is also a member of the Prince of Wales’s Alumni.


His work is focused on architectural and urban projects with the goal of constructing new buildings and cities in a traditional and sustainable manner. In his career he has acquired a wealth of experience in the design with private entrepreneurs and through public works and projects in Italy, Canada, Estonia, France and United States.

He has taught at the School of Engineering in Bologna and at the Rome Programme of the School of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame.

Since September 2014 to today, Fabio is Visiting Professor at the College of Architecture and at the School of Engineering of the University of Texas at San Antonio in Urbino.

Further Information

Fabio Paoletti
Studio Paoletti
Piazza Marconi 57
45036 Ficarolo (RO) – ITALIA
Tel (+39) 349 4727382