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Julian Bicknell


Julian Bicknell is a British architect born in 1945.  He studied architecture at Cambridge University and subsequently worked with Edward Cullinan (1969-72). Mr. Bicknell joined the teaching staff art the Royal College of Art under Sir Hugh Casson in 1972, becoming director of the Royal College of Art Project Office from 1973 to 1979.  In 1979 Julian Bicknell joined Arup Associates.


Julian Bicknell set up his own practice in 1983.  His office has since designed over two hundred buildings, covering a wide range of buildings types in a variety of locations: private houses, offices, workshops, theatres, churches, college residences, hotels and a golf club, as well as the restoration and adaptation of a number of existing buildings. Designs have been made for sites throughout the UK and in Russia, Japan and USA. Julian Bicknell’s own experience in the conversion and adaptation of existing buildings, some of considerable historic interest, has been the basis of many of the firm’s designs.  The design studio remains small, with a staff rarely exceeding eight in number, but draws on a wide circle of professional colleagues: landscape designers, engineers, artists, craftsmen and model makers.

Julian Bicknell’s studio is keen to integrate all aspects of building, from strategic planning to the detailed design of furniture and fittings, and to identify as closely as possible with the needs their clients and the building users.  Their work seeks to combine the best of traditional design with contemporary architectural thinking and technology, and to make designs that respond to their cultural and environmental context.

Despite a growing number of building projects, Julian Bicknell continues to teach in Britain and abroad.  He was deeply involved in the development of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture between 1990 and 2000, both on the Academic Board and as a teacher. Julian Bicknell has also taught in the USA, Russia and Japan.

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