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The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism and the University of Greenwich are pleased to announce the establishment of a visiting professorial chair with the title "INTBAU Professor of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism". The first holder of the INTBAU Chair is Paul Murrain, pioneer of urbanism in the United Kingdom.

Candidates are chosen from eminent practitioners or academics in the fields of traditional building trades and crafts, architecture and urban design. The Professor is chosen by a panel comprising the donor (or representative) a special sub-committee of INTBAU and the Head of the School of Architecture and Construction of the University of Greenwich, and the appointment is subject to the consideration of the University Professorial Appointment Committee.

The holder of the title has the following obligations:

  • Promotion of the University, the subject and disciplines of traditional building, architecture and urbanism.
  • Regular consultation with INTBAU and the University.
  • Delivery of one annual public lecture, hosted jointly by INTBAU and the University of Greenwich.
  • Attendance at and contribution to selected student reviews at the School of Architecture and Construction.

The holder of the title has the following privileges and income:

  • Three-year tenure, renewable at the discretion of INTBAU and the University.
  • Use of University facilities and a desk in the School of Architecture and Construction.
  • An annual stipend.

The University of Greenwich comprises three key Campuses - each including significant listed buildings - from Chatham Maritime to the East, to Avery Hill on the Eastern edge of the London Borough of Greenwich, to the University Headquarters in the Old Royal Naval College and Hospital at Maritime Greenwich.

The School of Architecture and Construction within the University is one of the largest Schools of its type, providing one of the widest ranges of built and landscaped environment courses in the UK. The School is also home to the Brooking Collection of more than 100,000 building artefacts from the last five centuries. The collection is used for teaching and research. The School has a very successful research team, including a Research Professor with an international reputation in the conservation of traditional urban environments, primarily in India and other countries in South Asia.

The establishment of this Chair enables the School and the University to develop significantly the opportunities for research, dissemination and teaching related to these traditions in collaboration with INTBAU. The University Campuses, and in particular Maritime Greenwich, offer a unique opportunity for study within the University environs. The location of the School, both in terms of London and the South-East, and in relation to mainland Europe, provides an excellent geographic location for such work.

This is an opportunity not only to re-establish traditional approaches to the design and construction of the landscaped and built environments within an appropriate English University, but will also provide a beacon for the study of traditional building, architecture and urbanism of worldwide significance.

Further information:

Robert Adam, INTBAU
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Prof. Richard Hayward, University of Greenwich
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.