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Daniel Addey-Jibb is the managing director of Hamlet Heavy Timberwork Ltd, a specialised heavy timber construction company established in 2002, located near Montreal, Canada.  Equally at home on new-build and historic conservation projects, Daniel brings a wealth of traditional timber frame construction experience to any project.  He has been involved in over 160 heavy timber projects in many different countries.  Daniel served his apprenticeship in the UK to learn the carpentry techniques developed by medieval masters.  After his apprenticeship, he freelanced in several European countries in both new-build and conservation work in order to expand his skill set, and to learn more about the wonderful regional variations timber framing has to offer.     

Under Daniel’s direction, Hamlet Heavy Timberwork focuses on both new-build and historic conservation projects and has built a wide range of timber frames, from historic reproductions using antique hand tools to modern timber structures manufactured on industrial CNC timber joinery machines.  The company is fluent in both European ‘scribe’ timber framing techniques, as well as more modern ‘square-rule’ techniques developed in North America after colonisation.


Daniel’s company has designed and built over 160 traditional timber framed structures in 10 different countries in North America and Europe, working in partnership with architects, engineers and private clients. Partner organisations for historic conservation and restoration projects have included: Riksantikvaren (Cultural Heritage Directorate), Norway; Parks & Heritage Department, Montreal, Quebec; Ministry of Transport, Restoration Projects, Quebec; Heritage Department, Mississauga, Ontario; and Historic Scotland.

Daniel has taught at the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC), England; Banffy Castle, The Transylvania Trust, Romania; Willowbank School for Restoration Arts, Canada; Weald and Downland Open-Air Museum, England; and on York University’s Conservation Programme, England.

Sample Projects

Project type:   Teaching & Restoration
Location:         Banffy Castle, Bontida, Romania
Organisation:   Transylvania Trust (Romania) and IHBC (England)

Daniel was half of a two man team from the UK selected to carry out reconstruction work for the roof over the entry gate building at Banffy Castle in Bontida, Romania. Banffy Castle is one of Romania’s most important Renaissance-Baroque assemblages.  Representing the IHBC, the project goal was two-fold: reconstruct the traditional heavy timber roof of the entrance building to the castle; and teach Romanian and Hungarian carpenters traditional framing techniques in the process.  Students were taught traditional scribe carpentry techniques and joinery, and the project was successfully completed as planned over a two week period.

Project type:  Restoration        
Location:        Ballytarsna Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland
Organisation:   Private client    

As a member of traditional oak framing company Woodwrights (Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin), Daniel was part of the team responsible for cutting and erecting the traditional oak heavy timber roof as part of restoration work at Ballytarsna Castle, a late 15th century tower house in Co. Tipperary.  The roof design (half-hipped, three bay, arch braced/crown post roof with doubled collars) was inspired by the arch-braced roof of Dunsoghley Castle, Co. Dublin, which is the only surviving medieval roof in Ireland. All traditional mortice and tenon joinery was faithfully reproduced in the new roof.

Project type:  New Build – traditional oak frame        
Location:        Trébeurden, Brittany, France
Organisation:   Private client    

Daniel led the construction of a 400 square metre oak timber frame structure and staircase, pre-fabricated in Quebec, Canada, and shipped via sea containers and installed on site on the Brittany coast for a private client. The timber frame design employed traditional French king-post trusses with jambes-de-forces.  The material used was white oak timber, unseasoned, or “green”.  All design work was done via the internet, with design and engineering teams working together on both sides of the Atlantic in accordance with French building codes.

Further information

Daniel Addey-Jibb
Charpenterie Traditionnelle HAMLET Ltee./ HAMLET Heavy Timberwork Ltd.
65 des Vinaigriers
Rigaud, Quebec
Canada J0P 1P0

+1 450 451 5678
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.