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The INTBAU Cuba Chapter believes that the safeguarding of Cuba’s cultural identity is of the essence in the advance of globalisation, for it is aimed at helping the Cuban community to preserve it for future generations. INTBAU Cuba seeks to maintain the necessary inherited balance between nature and the built environment. It brings together not only scholars, professionals and practitioners from different fields (architects and urbanists, scientists, geographers, historians and lawyers), but also people who enjoy traditional building, architecture and places, and the local media.

The INTBAU Cuba Chapter aspires to encourage the learning and practice of traditional architecture, urbanism and building, by assimilating the lessons of history from both international and local heritage and living traditions. It also recognizes the role of education and pursues networking between INTBAU Cuba and other NGOs.

The INTBAU Cuba Chapter acknowledges the need for granting continuity to the country’s architectural and urban heritage for future generations. It supports the dissemination of knowledge based on research and good practice, for which INTBAU Cuba emphasizes the importance of scientific investigation, academic exchange and shared knowledge that promotes human and social growth against social alienation.

INTBAU Cuba Objectives

The INTBAU Cuba Chapter is to disseminate and support the values of traditional design either by the set up of Forums and Symposia to enable the members to exchange information and experiences, or by lectures and conferences.

The INTBAU Cuba Chapter aspires to produce a regular newsletter for its members either in a print or digital format and will host educational and academic conferences. It will also distribute INTBAU publications when available.

The INTBAU Cuba Chapter will set up and administer a mailing list and will also provide regular updates to the INTBAU Head Office.

We welcome enquiries from individuals and organizations interested in contributing to the network. Please use INTBAU's online form where you can also join as a free General Member of INTBAU. For all other questions please contact INTBAU Cuba.